About RG Landscape LLC

Professional Landscapers in Las Vegas, Nevada

RG Landscape LLC Las Vegas, Nevada

RG Landscape LLC was founded in 2005 by Luis Moller and Kimberline Moller, a father and daughter duo. Over the years in business, we have taken pride in providing quality, innovative, top of the line landscaping and lawn maintenance services to our beloved Las Vegas Valley clients.

Since founding our business, we have grown immensely and now provide many other services in the field of construction. RG Landscape LLC is now a licensed contractor in concrete and masonry, helping our customers build amazing new remodeled homes.

We have highly trained, quality staff that meets the needs of our clientele with knowledge in landscaping, lawn maintenance, concrete, and masonry trades. Our vision has been to provide affordable Luxury Landscaping.

Since our inception, we constructed our business and services to meet 6 Key points:

👍 ⭐ Residential, HOAs, and commercial properties : ⭐
Convert to desert-friendly landscapes by 2026 and earn $5/sq ft! We're registered Water Smart Contractor ready to help.